About MKTE

Since its inception six years ago, MKTE’s positive impact has been felt far and wide as evidenced by a remarkable growth of interest among the participants and increased participation such as that from the regional tourism boards of South Africa, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Uganda, India and Burundi among others.

Attesting to MKTE’s significance, our survey revealed that 94% of the exhibitors in previous MKTE were repeat participants. Furthermore, 84% of participants would recommend MKTE to a third party.

As KTB, such positive endorsement of the expo motivates us to keep striving to ensure that participants continue to enjoy the value, which they affirmed to receive from their participation.

For KTB, the MKTE therefore continues to prove be one of the key channels through which we reclaim our rightful position as a tourism destination of choice.  It has also provided opportunity to our local exhibitors to benefit from the cost-effective promotional platform.

Kenya Tourism Board has appointed international exhibition and events management company, On Show Solutions, as the exhibition management company to grow the board’s annual tourism show over the next five years.

On Show Solutions is a company with a vast knowledge and understanding of the tourism trade that boasts of having two decades’ worth of experience in organising tourism exhibitions. We hope to reap maximum benefit from their expertise and as we hand over the exhibition management, we hope to net more partners and exhibitors, not only regionally but also globally.” Dr Betty Radier

MKTE’s objectives for 2017 are: 

  • To generate new business for exhibitors and hosted buyers
  • To build a strong MKTE brand awareness increase Magical Kenya brand awareness.
  • To increase hosted buyers’ product portfolio
  • To make MKTE financially sustainable

03 – 05 OCTOBER 2017


  • Tour operators
  • Hoteliers
  • African tourism boards
  • County Governments
  • Parastatals in the Ministry of tourism
  • Tourism associations, both national and regional
  • Sponsors
  • Airlines
  • Tourism Community Based Organizations


BUYER PROFILE (Decision makers of ):

  • Inbound Tour Operators
  • Travel Agents
  • Airlines
  • Online Booking Companies
  • Transport