Seminar Programme


All seminars will take place at the KICC during MKTE hours.
The venue for all seminars is Shimba Hills room, located on the 1st floor of KICC.
Please register online to attend, by clicking on the registration links provided.
Places are limited, venue capacity 100 attendees. Book soonest to secure your space.

For any enquiries, please email:

SEMINAR 1: Wednesday 03 October
Infrastructure – Air Access and low-cost carriers
13:00 – 14:00

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Infrastructure – Air Access and low-cost carriers: Air transport lies at the heart of global business and tourism. Through its speed, convenience and affordability, air transport has expanded the possibilities of world travel for tourists and business travelers alike, allowing an ever-greater number of people to experience diversity of geography, climate, culture and markets. Tourism, both for business and leisure purposes, makes a large contribution to the Kenyan economy.

Moderator: Carmen Nigibira (Horwath HTL Corporate)
Advocate for inter and intra-regional travel, tourism & Africa without borders.

Panelist – Claudia Bottini (Aviation Manager, PWC London)
With 8 years global experience as an aviation and transport consultant with Booz & Company in Australia and PwC London. She has worked on a wide range of aspects of the aviation sector, and have particular expertise in commercial strategy.

Panelist – Capt. Gilbert Macharia Kibe (CEO of Kenya Civil Aviation Authority)
Responsible for the management and administrative activities of the Authority. He is the Principal Advisor to the Cabinet Secretary responsible for Civil Aviation on matters affecting civil aviation
development and practice. He has a wealth of experience in the aviation sector spanning a period of over 30 years and has acquired valuable skills and expertise in the aviation, airline industry management and property development. He is a licensed Commercial Airline Pilot and a holder of Flight Instructors rating, Instrument rating, multi-piston and turbine engine ratings.

Panelist – Jonny Anderson (CEO of KAA)
Jonny is a seasoned aviation executive. He was appointed as the Managing Director of Kenya Airports Authority in Nov 2016. A career aviation professional with over 22 years’ experience managing airports in Norway, Denmark, Latvia, and now Kenya. Mr. Andersen holds a Master of Science degree in Air Transport Management from Cranfield University in the UK; and Bachelor of Business Administration in Logistics from BI Norwegian School of Management in Norway. He also studied Chinese Business, Trade and Commerce at Fundan University in China; as well as Aviation Law at CAE Inc in The Netherlands.

SEMINAR 2: Thursday 04 October
Delivering Exceptional Visitor Experience: Collaboration between Public and Private sector
10:30 – 11:30

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Delivering Exceptional Visitor Experience: Collaboration between Public and Private sector:
This seminar will look at the roles of the public and private sectors in value design in tourism business. It will also address two frameworks for product development highlighting the collaborative approach for destinations and private sector – Top & Signature Experiences.

Presenter – Fred Okeyo (Kenya Tourism Board)
Fred is a hospitality and tourism professional with experience in destination Marketing. He has been involved in tourism product development for the last eight years. Currently, he is the Business Development Manager at Kenya Tourism Board.

SEMINAR 3: Thursday 04 October
The Digital Travel Platform
13:00 – 14:00

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The tourist of tomorrow will be better informed, have wider choices and be able to purchase holidays on demand, helped by technology such as the Internet, video on demand and online booking. What’s the nature of this phenomenon, its potential further development in the next few years and the impact these developments will have on tourism, on hotels and African destinations?

Moderator – Damian Cook (E-Tourism Frontiers)
The founder and Managing Director of E-Tourism Frontiers- a major global initiative to develop online tourism in emerging markets. He has lived and travelled all over Africa- and it was his experience of working in tourism, the media and marketing that led him to see that Africa’s failure to access the online sector presented a major threat to the sustainable future of tourism. After working as a consultant in both the public and private sector developing destination websites and online marketing campaigns he formed E-Tourism Africa, which worked across the continent, training and facilitating business for the sector. E-Tourism Africa has successfully trained hundreds of tourism professionals and has brought leading international experts and major travel firms and intermediaries to Africa to do business. E-Tourism Frontiers now takes the same approach in all emerging markets. Damian has made presentations to numerous international forums, including the World Information Summit in Tunis, the UN Experts Panel on E-Tourism, ITB in Berlin and the IFITT ENTER conference, as well as Presidential African inward investment presentations in China, Japan and Thailand.

Panelist – Alex Mwaura (Country Manager at Taxify Kenya)
Has a tone of experience in both the commercial and non-profit sectors, driven by an insatiable passion for social and economic impact in the work that he does. Currently, he serves as the Country Manager at Taxify in Kenya. Preceding this, he served as Regional Manager for an International non-profit organization spearheading its Corporate Social Responsibility projects across the region on behalf of companies.

Panelist – Velma Corcoran (AirBnb Marketing Manager for Sub Saharan Africa)
Prior to being appointed the Regional Market Consultant for Airbnb in Southern Africa, Velma Corcoran spent 5 years heading up the marketing department at Cape Town Tourism. Velma has established and nurtured exceptional tourism relationships both within Southern Africa and internationally. Velma has also worked extensively in South Africa and the U.K, initially as an advertising account director and later as a brand strategist for companies like Yellowwood Future Architects; Lowe London and the Jupiter Drawing Room. She started the Cape Town office of OIL (a brand strategy and research consultancy within Lowe Worldwide stable) in 2008. Within the space of two years, she had grown OIL into the most profitable company within the Lowe South Africa Group. Her personal philosophy, integrity and passion have earned her the respect of her peers and she is widely regarded as a trusted thought leader in the tourism and technology space.

SEMINAR 4: Friday 05 October
The Rise of the African Brands
13:00 – 14:00

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What does it mean to be an African Brand rather than an International brand. How are the local players building their brands?

Moderator – Jameel Verjee (CityBlue Hotels)
Jameel is a British entrepreneur expanding his business in the hospitality industry across East Africa. He is Founder and CEO of CityBlue Hotels, founded in Rwanda and now expanded into Kenya and Uganda. CityBlue Hotels is Africa’s fastest growing local hotel chain offering comfort, efficiency and value for money.

Panelist – Catherine Gachie (Barefoot Consultancy)
A hospitality consultant with Barefoot Consultancy, a local entity, which has a partnership with global consultancy firm, HVS. She provides the best perspective of rising African brands from her own partnership and also from her advisory work with clients in the region.

Panelist – Bernard Itebete, Sarova Hotels
A man with passion for sales and delivering on promises Bernard has made a name for himself in the tourism industry. He has wide experience in sales and marketing the hospitality industry and hospitality ecommerce. Bernard is currently Corporate Sales Manager at Sarova Hotels, one of Africa’s leading hotel chains. Bernard qualified with a Bachelor of Commerce from Kenyatta University and has also taken part in numerous industry courses around the world. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experiences with others and is a much-loved part of the Kenyan hospitality industry.

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