Seminar Programme


All seminars take place at the KICC during MKTE.
Venue Shimba Hills room, 1st floor
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Places are limited, venue capacity 100 attendees.
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SEMINAR 1: Tuesday 03 October

12:00 – 13:00

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This session will look at the key trends, innovations and digital tools that are reshaping the global travel market- and the challenges and opportunities they present for Africa and Kenya. Using international and local examples and case studies- this session will show the direction Kenya tourism must take to be a sustainable, future proofed destination. Join us the next day to see how KTB is addressing this with a bold new digital approach.

Presenter: Damian Cook, E Tourism Frontiers

Damian Cook is the founder and Managing Director of E-Tourism Frontiers- a major global initiative to develop online tourism in emerging markets. He has lived and travelled all over Africa- and it was his experience of working in tourism, the media and marketing that led him to see that Africa’s failure to access the online sector presented a major threat to the sustainable future of tourism. After working as a consultant in both the public and private sector developing destination websites and online marketing campaigns he formed E-Tourism Africa, which worked across the continent, training and facilitating business for the sector. E-Tourism Africa has successfully trained hundreds of tourism professionals and has brought leading international experts and major travel firms and intermediaries to Africa to do business. E-Tourism Frontiers now takes the same approach in all emerging markets. Damian has made presentations to numerous international forums, including the World Information Summit in Tunis, the UN Experts Panel on E-Tourism, ITB in Berlin and the IFITT ENTER conference, as well as Presidential African inward investment presentations in China, Japan and Thailand.

FOCUS GROUP 1: Tuesday 03 October
13:00 – 13:30

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Expedia- the world’s largest online travel seller will present a specialized session on the status of online bookings in Kenya with guidance and advice on how to sell better online.

Presenter: Ross Kata, Expedia

Thank you to Expedia for sponsoring this seminar

SEMINAR 2: Wednesday 04 October

08:30 – 09:30

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Business travel spending grew by 2.1% in 2016 to USD$12.6 billion, and is expected to rise by 3.6% to USD $18 billion in 2026. Business tourists are less cost-sensitive than leisure tourists, spending on average twice as much per day. Their purchase decisions are influenced primarily by their ability to use time efficiently within business travel schedules. How can destinations attract business travellers? What are the competitive trends and how can countries meet business travellers’ needs for both efficiency …and relaxation? This session looks at the importance of setting up a convention bureau and the impact of convention bureaus in Africa.

Moderator: Rick Taylor, The Business Tourism Company

Rick Taylor is a South African with a solid foundation rooted in the advertising industry, having served as Managing Director of Johannesburg-based international advertising agencies – Barker McCormac and McCann Erickson – in the marketing and growth of leading consumer brands and destinations.  Rick has over 25 years’ experience in the tourism industry dealing at the highest levels of international, national and local government, and private sector. He served as CEO of Cape Metropolitan Tourism where he established the first convention bureau in Africa – Cape Town Convention Bureau – and later as Head of the National Convention Bureau for South African Tourism.

Rick is a former board member of a number of leading African and international tourism associations, and is a sought after international speaker on destination marketing and the business tourism sector,

subjects that he is absolutely passionate about. Rick has been CEO of The  Business  Tourism Company since 2005 during which time he has consulted to destinations in Southern Africa, West Africa, East Africa, Europe, Australia and Trinidad & Tobago on both leisure and business tourism strategy development.

Panelist – Amanda Kotze-Nhlapo, South African National Convention Bureau

Mrs Amanda Kotze-Nlapo is the Chief Convention Bureau Officer of the South African National Convention Bureau (SANCB) and was appointed in November 2011. Mrs Kotze-Nhlapo joined South African Tourism following a successful tenure at the Cape Town and Western Cape Convention  Bureau where she held the position of head of the Bureau for six years. Amanda has 20 years of experience in the industry. Her appointment and the establishment of the National Convention Bureau have worked to strengthen South Africa’s capacity in support of business tourism efforts to secure  bids for major events and conventions, coordinating the functions between industry, bidding associations and sports federations.

Panelist – Dr Betty Radier, Kenya Tourism Board

Dr. Betty Radier is the Kenya Tourism Board’s Chief Executive Officer. She brings vast leadership skills complemented with expertise in strategy after serving as CEO of Scanad, Kenya’s leading advertising agency. Betty has over 18 years senior management experience in marketing, strategy  and  operations and holds a Doctoral degree in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development, University of Cape Town, Graduate School of Business, a Master of Business Administration (MBA)  and Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree and from the University of Nairobi.

Panelist – Frank Murangwa, Rwanda Convention Bureau

With a Masters in Tourism Destination Management, Frank Murangwa is AG.CEO for Rwanda Convention Bureau, a division of Rwanda Development Board.

Panelist – Esmare Steinhofel, ICCA Africa Chapter

Esmare Steinhofel acts as ICCA’s representative in the African region. Responsible for delivery of  ICCA services, products and events, for the recruitment and retention of members, and for the maintaining and enhancing ICCA’s reputation and awareness amongst target markets.

Thank you to South African Tourism for sponsoring this seminar 

SEMINAR 3: Wednesday 04 October

12:00 – 13:00

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Join us to learn about KTB’s new innovative approach to digital marketing with a strong focus on creating a community within the destination for the sharing of content from the trade and their clients to make our marketing approach more real, dynamic and to leverage the power of social media and user generated content- and discover how the trade can get involved. This session will include contributions from key online partners.

Presenters: KTB and a panel of Online Travel Partners: TripAdvisor, Google and Expedia

FOCUS GROUP 2: Wednesday 04 October
13:00 – 13:30


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Presenter: Chad Shiver, TripAdvisor

 TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel site gathering reviews, advice and discussions from travellers around the globe and channeling the power of positive opinion into business. Come and join this session to learn how you can better leverage this important platform.

SEMINAR 4: Thursday 05 October
08:30 – 09:30

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Presenter:        Judy Kepher-Gona

 Judy is a sustainable tourism advocate, planner, advisor, assessor and trainer with over 15 years’ experience in working with the tourism sector, communities, conservation. She has made significant contributions, locally in development of criteria and standards for sustainable tourism certification,   key among them being the Kenya eco-rating scheme for accommodation facilities, the Kenya Safari Codes and the Eco-warrior Awards. Her expertise, passion, and commitment have also seen her serve in several profiled positions. At global and regional level, she has served on advisory Board of The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) for more than 5 years, served as board of Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) and was part of conceptualization of Africa Sustainable Tourism Alliance together with Fair Trade Tourism South Africa (FTTSA). In Kenya, she serves as Director at African Fund for Endangered Wildlife (AFEW) and Trustee of Basecamp Foundation Kenya (BCFK). In 2013, she founded Sustainable Travel & Tourism Agenda (STTA) an organisation that uses education, research and training to advocate for speedier uptake sustainable tourism because sustainability is tourism’s only opportunity to save “paradise’. STTA launched a Sustainable Tourism Publication for East African Region to share knowledge and best practices.

FOCUS GROUP 3: Thursday 05 October
13:00 – 13:30

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Google offers potential travellers tools to research, locate, find, buy and share ravel experiences. At this session you can learn more about what Google can do for a local travel business.