Trade Visitor Application

Welcome to Magical Kenya Travel Expo 2017

We invite you to complete our Trade Visitor application. MKTE offers a wide range of activities during the three day expo, as well as a list of quality exhibitors for you to meet with.

Before completing the Trade Visitor application, please read the relevant information and qualifying criteria.

To apply as a Trade Visitor, please complete the below information and ensure that your details are captured correctly for ease of communication moving forward. Please complete all the required fields as indicated below.

MKTE’s evaluation committee may request additional information to verify your application. This information will be reviewed confidentially and will not be shared with other parties. Telephonic interviews may be required.

Please note: All applications need to be completed in English. Those applications which are not completed in English will be disregarded. Any interviews will take place via telephone in English. If you are not the final decision maker, you may be asked to provide the contact information for this person.

Please note, sellers will no longer qualify as Trade Visitors and will now need to apply for Roaming Exhibitor status.