We invite you to apply now as a buyer

  • Meet up to 200 African exhibitors
  • Reconnect with the travel trade and get a finger-on-the-pulse
  • Gain market insights in our changed world
  • Refresh your knowledge of East Africa
  • Inspire your clients with their African travel dreams
  • Offer your clients first-hand knowledge and expertise



Applicants should fall into one of the following categories:

  • Tour operator (focus on outbound from your country)
  • DMC (focus on outbound from your country)
  • Independent travel agent
  • Meetings, Association or Incentive buyer
  • Online booking company

If you do not think these categories apply to you, please complete the TRADE VISITOR APPLICATION.

To apply as a buyer, please complete the ONLINE APPLICATION and ensure that your details are captured correctly (in English only) for ease of communication moving forward.

Please complete all the required fields.

Buyer participation is free for all travel and tourism professionals who meet the categories outlined above.

We also apply these qualifications when reviewing your application:

  • Your organisation currently includes, or has future plans to include new products, partners and experiences in Africa in your brochures or tour itineraries
  • You, personally, have purchasing authority to include new products in your offering.

MKTE’s evaluation committee may request additional information to verify your application.

All information provided is reviewed confidentially and will not be shared with other parties.




Register early to be part of our 2022 programme. Places are limited for each market.

For compliments or queries, please contact buyer@mkte.co.ke